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My New Motor

Warranty Information

Here at My New Motor we have a number of warranty options available on a wide range of our vehicles. As standard we give all of our cars a comprehensive 6 months “Driver” warranty*

As standard our 6 month warranty cover includes:

  • All major mechanical parts (including clutch, gearbox and engine components)
  • Engine electrics (starter motor, alternator, ECU etc)
  • Parts and labour
  • Free recovery of vehicle within the first month (if vehicle undriveable)
  • Free courtesy car (when available)

To view further details regarding our warranty please Click Here.

If you would like to know more about our warranty options call us on 01761 569871.

Customer Protect Warranty
Engine Warranty

*All cars come with standard 6 month warranty unless stated otherwise, does not apply to trade cars and cars under £1000.

Frequently asked questions on our warranty:

Do all of our cars come with a warranty?

As standard all of our cars over £1000 come with a 6 month parts and labour warranty.

Can I extend my warranty?

We can offer extended warranties for 6, 12 and 18 months although a further cost will be incurred to extend the warranty beyond 6 months.

What parts are covered under your warranty?

All of our warranties cover all the major components of the vehicle including clutch, engine, gearbox, driveshaft and suspension. Although if minor faults do occur in the vehicle we are always open to resolve any issues that do arise.